23rd Anniversary of the National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh

Zunaid Paiker
April 16, 2022

Today, the 23rd. anniversary of the National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh (NLFB). The journey begins on April 15,1999 by a meeting in the house of a benevolent social worker of the country. Realizing the alarming liver disease situation in Bangladesh, a philanthropic organization was initiated with the aim of prevention, treatment, education & research on liver diseases in Bangladesh. This is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It deals with communicable & non communicable liver diseases. Especially control of viral hepatitis, the most common cause of liver diseases in the nation. The horizon of activities now throughout the nation. Working closely with Government of Bangladesh & have coordination with other philanthropic Liver & Gastro intestinal organizations of the nation. Principal agenda is the grass root activation & reaching the unreachable liver disease affected people, especially in rural Bangladesh.

Working closely as a member of World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA), Geneva, since its inception in 2007. Member of Bangladesh Network for Non-Communicable Disease Control and Prevention (BNNCP). Engaged for making a hospital for liver diseases at the Govt. donated land at Sylhet, an outpatient department has already been constructed. The viral hepatitis control activities also extended among Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh. Study of NLFB showing high prevalence of Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C among Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh, published as original article at the Clinical Liver Disease (CLD), the Journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) in January 2022.

NLFB has earned a good reputation in the national & international arena.

Prof. Mohammad Ali, founder of NLFB received the Elimination Champion 2021 Award from the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination, USA as recognition of his relentless work along with NLFB for viral hepatitis control in Bangladesh

We continued our activities during COVID pandemic. Mission of NLFB to control all kinds of liver diseases in Bangladesh specially to reach the viral hepatitis Elimination 2030 goals in Bangladesh.

On this day we heavy heartedly remember those dedicated founders, advisers, members, supporters & contributors, who persistently worked & supported for years together with deep devotion for maintaining & upholding the activities of NLFB. Their loss will never be recovered by any means, we wholeheartedly wish Jannah for the departed souls