Official Message

Honorable Nationals of Bangladesh,

You are fully aware that Bangladesh is one of the densely populated countries of the world with poor socioeconomic & hygienic conditions. The incidence of different kinds of liver disease like Hepatitis, Cirrhosis & Liver Cancers is common in our country. About 4%- 07% of our population have hepatitis B & 1%-3% have hepatitis C infections. About 3.5% of pregnant women have hepatitis B viral infection. They are potential source of transmission of hepatitis B virus to their newborn. In addition, alcoholic liver disease also increasing. Contaminated food and drinks with many kinds of chemicals and preservative also continuously contributing to increase various kinds diseases of liver.

Multiple factors are related to the cause and spread of liver diseases in our country. May conditions can be well prevented. Extremely limited treatment facilities cause untimely death of many and only fortunate few can afford for treatment abroad. Nation looses a huge amount of foreign currency each year.

The National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh (NLFB) is a not for profit organization, dedicated to Prevention, Treatment, Education and Research on liver diseases in Bangladesh. All the income of the foundation is utilized for the interest of liver disease patients in Bangladesh and for the development of the foundation.

The Foundation activities have been planned in four phases. The first phases activities have already been started. It includes liver clinic service, screening and vaccination service, E-mail service, postal service & campaigns for awareness & prevention of liver diseases. Laboratory and ultrasound facilities also started.  It is our dream to establish a centre of excellence for treatment of all kinds of disease of liver in Bangladesh. Your cooperation, assistance support will encourage us in rendering the services to millions of people of Bangladesh. Wish healthy liver for all.

Prof. Mohammad Ali
Secretary General
web: profmohammadali.com.bd