Liver Foundation of Bangladesh observed Khulna Hepatitis Day 2013

March 20, 2014

11-03-13Liver Foundation of Bangladesh organized Khulna Hepatitis Day 2013 on February 23, 2013. The Foundation staged different events at the divisional headquarter on that day. The awareness programs included rally, seminar, inauguration of free hepatitis B vaccination of orphan children, distribution of leaflets & posters in Khulna city. The liver foundation of Bangladesh organized this Khulna Hepatitis Day 2013 in continuation of previously organized hepatitis day at divisional headquarters of Sylhet & Chittagong as “Sylhet Hepatitis Day” & “Chittagong Hepatitis Day” respectively. A colorful rally started from Khulna Circuit House and ended at Khulna Press Club. Hundreds of orphan, deaf n dump and blind children of Sharkari Shishu Paribar (girls),Tambi house, Sharkari Shishu Paribar (boys), Mahesshorpasha, Choto moni Nibash, Mahesshorpasha and PST Center, Goalkhali, Khulna. Different awareness slogans were demonstrated in the placards. The seminar was held at the auditorium of Khulna Press Club. Mr. Talukder Abdul Khaleque, Mayor, Khulna City Corporation attended as Chief Guest. Mr. Mesbah Uddin, Deputy Commissioner, Khulna, Prof. Abdullah Al Mahboob, Principal, Khulna Medical College and Mr. Abdullah Al Jubayer, Manager, Corporate Sustainability, HSBC, Bangladesh attended as Special Guests. The seminar was chaired by Prof. Mohammad Ali, Founder Secretary General of the Liver Foundation. The seminar stared with demonstration of an audio visual documentary on activities of the liver foundation. Key note speech was given by Prof. M Anisur Rahman, Joint Secretary General Liver Foundation of Bangladesh. The slogan of the Day was “This is Hepatitis….. It’s Closer Then You Think” anybody can be affected anywhere, know it & confront it. Mayor of Khulna City Corporation congratulated Liver Foundation of Bangladesh for arranging such an awareness program, which is first of its kind at Khulna. He also expressed thanks for offering hepatitis B vaccine to the hundreds of orphan, deaf n dump and blind children of Sharkari Shishu Paribar of Khulna. He expressed his willingness to extant all out cooperation for starting Liver Foundation’s activities at Khulna. Deputy Commissioner of Khulna in his speech welcomed the Liver Foundation and also expressed eagerness to have a center of the Liver Foundation at Khulna. Principal of Khulna medical college, who is also professor of pediatrics, highlighted the different modes of transmission of viral hepatitis and expressed great satisfaction about the activities of the day. He whole heartedly announced that this day will act as mile stone for awareness & prevention of viral hepatitis at Khulna. Mr. Abdullah Al Jubayer , Manager, Corporate Sustainability , HSBC, Bangladesh told that HSBC, Bangladesh is supporting this free hepatitis B vaccination program of Liver foundation since 2007 and hoped to continue the service in coming days. Prof M. Anisur Rahman in his key note speech narrated different activities of the foundation. He gave special emphasis of long continued efforts of the Foundation for implementation of “Birth Dose” of hepatitis B vaccine in Bangladesh for control of transmission of hepatitis B from mother to the newborn. Deputy Director of Social Welfare, Khulna in his speech offered great satisfaction on activities of the day and thanked Liver Foundation of Bangladesh for offering free vaccination to the orphans of Srakari Shishu Paribar. Welcome speech was given by. Mr. Kazi Mohammad Ibrahim , Assistant Director, PST Center, Gowalkhali, Khulna. One of the deaf n dump girl, on behalf of all the orphan children of Sarkari Shisu Paribar, Khulna expressed thanks and gratitude by Sign Language to Liver Foundation of Bangladesh and HSBC, Bangladesh for offering the vaccine and saving them from the Hepatitis B, the Silent Killer. Prof Mohammad Ali in his speech highlighted the different programs of Liver Foundation in coming days. He put special emphasis of the awareness program of World Hepatitis Alliance as “ See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no evil” activities. He thanks all the participants and Government organizations for their participation & active support for observation of the Khulna Hepatitis Day 2013, without of which it wouldn’t be possible to make the event successful. He also thanked HSBC Bangladesh for long continued support of the ongoing free Hepatitis B vaccination program for such a vital humanitarian cause. He believes that, with the support of local authority and help of people, Liver Foundation will be able to start their activities at Khulna. He invites everyone to come forward and work together to prevent “viral hepatitis” in Bangladesh. He also wished great success of Khulna Hepatitis Day 2013.

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