National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh Started free treatment for viral hepatitis patients from Zakat fund.

January 10, 2015

The National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh started the “National Liver Foundation Zakat Fund” which will be utilized according to the guide line of utilizing Zakat .The fund will be exclusively used for treatment of underprivileged children and young persons affected by Hepatitis B or C virus, who are either students or at active state of life. They will avail free consultation, all investigations and medicine under this program.

The fund will also provide vaccine and immunoglobulin to new born of Hepatitis B affected underprivileged mother(s).

Those who are interested to get the benefit of National Liver Foundation Zakat Fund for their treatment of Hepatitis B or C, are requested to call 01758998833. To know more visit

Prevalence of different kind of liver diseases are common in Bangladesh. Viral Hepatitis is the most common cause of liver diseases. About 4%- 7% of our population have Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in 1%-3%. About 3.5% of pregnant women have Hepatitis B viral infection. Most of them develop chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure. The treatment of Hepatitis B & C are very costly and needed for long time.

We encounter many children and young person affected by Hepatitis B or C virus, they are either students or at active state of life. In some instances, all the members of the family are affected by hepatitis B or C virus. Most of them cannot afford the costly treatment and must have to suffer long time, which seriously affect his future and ended with a life threatening situation.