NLFB observed World Hepatitis Day 2016 in Bangladesh

August 6, 2016

National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh observed

World Hepatitis Day 2016 in Bangladesh on July 28, 2016.

The National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh (NLFB) observed World Hepatitis Day 2016 in Bangladesh on July 28, 2016. This year the Foundation arranged events at Dhaka, the capital city as well as Chittagong & Sylhet, the two divisional headquarters of the country. The theme of the WHD 2016 was ELIMINATIONof viral hepatitis by 2030. NOhep campaign was the key saying in every event. The day was observed along World Health organization (WHO) and World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) and its 230 patient’s organizations around the world.

The events were:

Information booths, Seminar, television programs, Souvenir, Leaflet distribution, Postering, University awareness program, free Screening and launching of Hepatitis Apps in Bengali.

Information booths:

Microbuses branded with the logo of NOhep moved different locations of Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet city. A group of volunteers wearing NOhep T-shirt aware public of different walks of life and distributed thousands of viral hepatitis awareness leaflets throughout the day. Program at Dhaka was inaugurated by well reputed cricketers of Bangladesh national cricket team, Mr. Taskin Ahmed, Mr. Habibul Bashar , Mr Javed Omar Belim and Secretary General of NLFB, Prof. Mohammad Ali. Reputed personalities, Doctors, Patients, Students, volunteers and media personals attended the inauguration ceremony .

This event was highlighted in sports section of electronic, print, online and social media. Received great appreciation from people of sports arena and public for involvement of cricket celebrity of the nation for the global NOhep campaign in Bangladesh.

Programme was arranged at Chittagong, the port city at Central Shohid Minar( martyr memorial). Distinguished surgeon Prof. A S M Fazlul Karim, Gynecologist Prof. Shamsun Nahar,  social worker Mr. M. Golam Mostafa and Gastroenterologist Dr. Mohammad Yusuf inaugurated the programme . The information booth moved to important points of the city, academic and health related institutes and aware people and distributed leaflets. .

The programme at Sylhet, was inaugurated by well-known Gastroenterologist

Dr. Alamgir Shafwath at the central historical point of the city. Awareness booth travelled different points to pass the awareness message and leaflets.

The moveable information booths , which directly made contact with the common people in three important city of the country received great appreciation of public.


A special Seminar was held in The Daily Star Center at Dhaka to mark the WHD 2016. Prof Mohammad Ali, General Secretary of the foundation, was the key note speaker. He urged the Government to make a comprehensive viral hepatitis strategy to eliminate viral hepatitis in Bangladesh.

Renowned Gastroenterologist, Prof AQM Mohsen, Prof M Anisur Rahman Prof. Abu Sayed and Dr. Mohsin Kabir spoke in the seminar. They narrated the different aspects of viral hepatitis and its prevention strategies. They put emphasis that everyone should be aware themselves about viral hepatitis, inform their family, society and finally the nation will be awake. This program was attended by university students, doctors, eminent personalities and media personals.

Television program:

Television program was telecasted in ATN News and ATN Bangla Channel. Both of the programs aired on 28 July 2016.

Prof. Mohammad Ali, Secretary General and Dr. Md. Mohsin Kabir, Treasure, NLFB discussed about WHD 2016 in the program which on aired in ATN news.

Specially designed program with NOhep theme was aired on ATN Bangla on WHD. Prof. Mohammad Ali, Prof AQM Mohsen and Prof M Anisur Rahman highlighted different alertness of viral hepatitis. Prof. Faruq Ahmed, Professor & head   Dept. of Gastroenterology , Dhaka Medical College & Secretary General of Bangladesh Gastroenterology Society also participated.   All the distinguished participants talked about NOhep campaign in Bangladesh and it’s implementation for elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030.


Hon. President, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh Mr. Abdul Hamid, Hon. Prime Minister, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, and Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Mr. Mohammed Nasim, gave special messages for the day.

They heighted the theme ELIMINATION in their messages and focus on importance of viral hepatitis awareness in Bangladesh. Hon. Prime Minister in her valuable message urged the people and non government organizations to come forward by the side of the government and work together to make the program successful.

Charles Gore. President, World Hepatitis Alliance in his message to the National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh uttered great admiration of activities NLFB in the past years and expected great success of the day in Bangladesh. He also desire that the Govt. of Bangladesh should come forward to make a comprehensive viral hepatitis strategy following the guideline of WHO.

Hepatitis Apps. Launched:

The National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh developed a special viral hepatitis awareness building APPs in Bengali.The Apps cover most of the information of liver diseases starting from Hepatitis to Liver transplant. This is the first of its kind. The Apps – titled as “Hepatitis Janun abong valo thakun” ( Know hepatitis and stay well) which targets the Bengali -speaking people around the world. The Apps is available from WHD .It can be free downloaded from Google Play Store in Android phones. Bengali is the 7th most spoken language with almost 300 million Bengali speaking people in the world. This APPs will get their easy access to hepatitis and its awareness.

The Apps was launched by Prof. Jamilur Reza Chowdhury, Vice Chancellor of University of Asia Pacific , renowned Engineer and IT expert of the nation. The Apps have link with WHA, WHD, NOhep & NLFB web pages.

National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh believes that in this digital era, Apps in mother language would be the easiest approach to reach the millions of people globally.

The National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh successfully conducted every event on WHD 2016 in Bangladesh. Foundation believes that beginning of Nohep campaign will continue until its final objective, the ELIMINATION of viral hepatitis.

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