Future Vision

National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh Mission statement

star  To raise mass public awareness on prevention of liver diseases , especially viral hepatitis (Hepatitis B & C).

star  To create facilities for prevention and treatment of liver diseases with minimum cost.

star Poor patients will get maximum support from the foundation and extremely underprivileged will get free services.

star The service will be decentralized to divisional headquarters followed by districts level so that patients can get the services within their reach.

Expansion of activities of Liver Foundation throughout Bangladesh

To make advocacy with the Government of Bangladesh for making a comprehensive national hepatitis strategies, this will deal with the issues of prevention and creation of treatment facilities for viral hepatitis and other liver diseases.

Incorporation of “viral hepatitis” in the national health policy of the Govt. of Bangladesh, so that it will get preference for disease control and treatment like other communicable diseases in the nation..

Implementation of “birth dose” hepatitis B vaccination to new born for prevention of transmission hepatitis B from mother to child, which is the most common source of transmission of  hepatitis B virus.

To make coordination & cooperation with other liver disease oriented organizations in Bangladesh, so that fight against common problem, liver diseases will be well coordinated and organized.

To work together with other international organizations like World Health Organization (WHO), World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) and other global hepatitis groups and organizations to have exchange of ideas and share expertise to combat liver diseases in Bangladesh.

To establish a center of excellence for liver diseases in Bangladesh. It will act  as a state of the art center for awareness prevention, treatment, education and research on liver diseases in Bangladesh

Donation of Land by the Govt. for Liver Foundation Hospital, Sylhet
Liver Foundation Hospital, Sylhet