What is jaundice.

It is the yellow colouration of sclera, skin, mucous membrane, urine & other body fluids due to the excess amount of bilirubin the body.

Common causes.

1. Hepatitis-acute & chronic hepatitis.

a. Viral hepatitis (A,B,C,D,E & G)

b. Non viral hepatitis

c. Drug induced hepatitis (Mostly Paracetamol, Anti-tuberculous drugs)

d. Alcoholic Hepatitis – excess alcohol intake.

2. Developmental defects of the liver & Biliary system (Biliary atresia).

3. Jaundice in newborn (Neonatal Jaundice).

4. Haemolytic jaundice – due to excess breakdown of red blood cells.

5. Obstructive jaundice – due to obstruction of the passage of bile from liver to intestine.

Some advise :

Arrange to make diagnosis and to treat the cause of your jaundice early. Don’t waste time.

Don’t rely on traditional healers and non medical treatment.

Remember: Jaundice is not a disease, it is a sign of a disease.

The cause of every jaundice is not the same.

Tumour and cancer of the liver, gallbladder bile duct, duodenum & pancreas may be the cause jaundice.