Obstructive Jaundice

Bile is produced in the liver and pass to the intestine through Biliary system. If the bile flow is obstructed at any point after its production from liver & its passage to intestine, then the level of conjugated bilirubin in the body is increased, it is called the obstructive jaundice.

Common causes of obstructive jaundice.

1. Stone : the stone (stones) coming from the gallbladder, liver or may be produced within the Biliary system.

2. Tumour : tumours of the bile duct, pancreas, gallbladder and liver are prime causes.

3. Stricture bile duct The calibre of the Bileduct may be narrowed due to:

a) accidental injuries during the operation like cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder)

b) Operation of the liver, pancreas, stomach & duodenum

c) Traumatic injuries of the hepatobiliary system

4. Infections of the Biliary system : round worm in the Biliary system, enlarged lymph nodes, metastatic tumours may also cause Biliary obstruction.

5. Biliary atresia : Developmental defect of Biliary system in new born

Symptoms of obstructive jaundice.

The level of jaundice usually increases gradually. If the jaundice due to stone, it may fall temporarily but later on it increases (Fluctuating jaundice).

High coloured urine (like tea) and whitish coloured stool (like clay) may be passed.

Chills, rigor and fever.

Abdominal mass :

Gallbladder mass & enlarged liver in gallbladder cancer.

Pancreatic mass & distended gallbladder in pancreas cancer.

Some advise  :

The cause of obstructive jaundice should be diagnosed in earliest possible time.

Treatment of the cause and relief of jaundice should be the gold standard

Consult surgeon preferably hepatobiliary surgeon & interventionist for proper management.

Don’t be misdiagnosed by nonprofessional & traditional healers. Avoid all kinds of non medical treatment like Jhar – Fuk, Tabiz, Malapara, Panipara, paste and other medications. It will only waste your valuable time.

Remember: Delayed diagnosis and treatment of obstructive jaundice is the main cause of liver, kidney & other bodily system (Multiorgan) failure.