National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh (NLFB) is a not-for-profit organization established in April 1999 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. This Organization is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It is dedicated to Prevention, Treatment, Education and Research on liver diseases with special emphasis on viral hepatitis. The foundation has been a member of the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA), Geneva, since its inception.

The foundation also works for control of non-communicable liver diseases, especially Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). It is a member of the Bangladesh Network for Non-Communicable Disease Control and Prevention (BNNCP).

The mission of the foundation: To raise mass public awareness on prevention of all kinds of liver diseases. To create facilities for the treatment of liver diseases with affordable cost and free for the poor. To make advocacy and coordination with the Government & non government organizations regarding the issues of viral hepatitis and other liver diseases. To establish a centre of excellence for Prevention, Treatment, Education and Research on Liver diseases in Bangladesh.

The vision of the foundation: To minimize the suffering of patients living with liver diseases, reach the unreachable & stand by the disadvantaged living with viral hepatitis and other liver diseases. Reduce the disease burden to a negligible level and ensure treatment for those effected. Elimination of viral hepatitis in Bangladesh by 2030 is the ultimate goal.


WHD 2023 Seminar by National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh

August 17, 2023
World Hepatitis Day 2023 : " We Can’t Wait" Seminar The seminar organized by the National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh on July 28 in CIRDAP International Conference Hall, Dhaka. Chief Guest of the program was Justice Hasan Foez Siddique, Honorable Chief Justice of Bangladesh. Special Guests were Mr. AM Amin Uddin, Attorney General of Bangladesh, […]
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